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Calvary Bible Study Coming!

‘TAKE UP AND READ’ – A Monday evening biblical study

When: 6:15 – 7:45 p.m. Weekly Sessions starting back up Monday January 16th.

Where: St. Paul Lutheran church (Likely held on the main level – unless participants exceed 20 and there is the need to move downstairs)

“Take up and read” are the famous repeated four words that St. Augustine heard in a time of great despair.  He was uncertain if he was hearing the voice of a boy or girl singing perhaps a children’s song.  No child seemed near and he was aware of no lyrics so brief and repeated.  He fought back his tears and despair and obeyed the ‘song’ by opening a nearby scripture.  In reading only a few verses Augustine was converted, experiencing the power and grace of God.  He was brought into a new life [Book XII of the Confessions].

It’s time for us to again ‘take up and read’ the biblical narrative.  Some of us did that briefly during Lent.  It was fun.

The ‘plan’ is to visits various books of scripture, spending two or three sessions with each.  For instance,  we’ll begin with Genesis (surprise, surprise) in session one, looking at the various divisions of the book such as the narratives of the beginning (Gen. 1-11), history of the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (12-36), and the ‘Joseph cycle’ (37-50).  In doing this we’ll look at ‘nuggets’ within the narrative that apply to our lives now.  There will be a helpful focus on the ‘how’ of reading the narrative.  A wonderful ‘for instance’ will be the ‘father/son’ narrative in Genesis 22.

It will be fun!

Session two will be up to you.  You’ll be asked to speed read or scan all of Genesis and come to that session with insights, questions, acceptances and rejections of the narrative.  We’ll share what you bring.

It will be fun.

Your presence is needed, and indeed coveted.  Please ‘sign up’ by contacting me ( or Joy Carlson at St. Paul

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